Haunted Hollow Update for Saturday, October 31, 2020

We are getting ready for your night of screaming fun!

Here are some tips to enjoy your evening.

  • Do not arrive until 15 minutes before your ticket time!  Our parking is limited due to Thursday’s weather- the trail you walk is graveled but the parking lot is grass. WET but not muddy!!

  • Carpool if possible

  • Please stay in your car until you are texted to come in.  See next item.

  • When you arrive, let us know your are here by signing in at www.hauntedhollowva.yourqueues.com, be sure to put your ticket time.  Omission of the ticket time could result in delayed entry. 

  • You will get the 1st of 2 text messages that lets you know you have successfully registered in the system.

  •  The 2nd of 2 texts will tell you that it’s your turn to come to the ticket booth and check in to go through.  If you have extra guests, this will be when you can pay for those extra tickets.         

  • Due to COVID-19 we will not have the bonfire or any concessions.