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The Leonard Family

8275 Maple Tree Lane
Warrenton Va 20188

TEL: 612-440-1962
FAX: 855-439-4806


Thanks! Message sent.


​TEL: 612-440-1962


​TEL: 612-440-1962

We want your blood.
Throw in the body too,
for 10 nights in  Late Septemeber & October after dark.


Bring your completed application to Haunted Hollow for interviews and auditions.

Complete the google form and you will get an email with more dates and time for
in person auditions and interviews.


Contact Sarah Leonard at 612-440-1962

Final employment will require photo ID AND  Social Security card or Passport or Birth Certificate. 
Bring these documents with you.

Complete our online application

You know who you are. Forget the stage- we have 140+ acres for you to fill with screams from horrified guests. Those with endless enthusiasm and a slightly twisted view of the world will fit in with some help from costuming & makeup. (Ages 16+)

Perhaps you are a little more subtle. We need your finesse with our guests at ticketing & merchandise. We will train the retail aspects, but you've got to bring your own personality. It'd be great if you actually enjoyed people, along with their screaming and occasional bodily fluids.

Someone's got to get their hands bloody. Just because you aren't in a scene doesn't mean you can't scare someone while parking cars & changing trash bags.

Make-Up Artist/Costuming
Not everyone shows up to work mangled & rotted- and some staff might need to be cleaned up before we send them out.  

Aren't you special? 
You want to come out but didn't see where you would fit? Come anyway- we are looking for bodies in one form or another.

Located outside of Warrenton, Virginia 20188 we will be operating our outdoor haunted trail Friday, Saturday & some Thursdays nights in October.


Questions? Contact (612) 440-1962  

Download Application

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